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Methodology/ (Psychometric Test)



Many new Clients ask about our recruitment process. Here are a few pointers

We take the time to understand your company and people needs. We sit down in confidence with you in order to agree the details of both the role that you wish to fill and the profile of the ideal candidate you wish to place in this role.

We will propose to you the optimum method of filling the role - this will be a combination of industry networking, executive search and our exisiting database.

We locate candidates through our very extensive candidate database, industries library and through extensive networking. We are also experts in making cold calls to potentially strong candidates who may not be ordinarily job-hunting.

From our offices located in North and South of India we search throughout the region and very much define our search strategy on an assignment-by-assignment basis.
Throughout the process we would keep in close contact with you, both by phone and e-mail and in the form of weekly summary reports.

We work with you throughout the entire process of extending offers to the chosen candidates. We handle the entire reference checking process, quickly alerting you to any issues, which may need to be addressed. We remain involved up to and beyond the day a candidate joins your company.

Psychometric Test
In addition to basing our judgments on our knowledge and interviews with candidates, we are also able to carry out evaluation tests. Such psychometric testing can augment the selection process and, in doing so, normally confirms our own judgment. Employees, who qualify in technical competencies, often fail to succeed due to a lack of certain behavioral competencies. In order to assess this level of fit either to a particular organization, team, core values or to a particular job we have on our panel Accredited Practitioner who using a software system produce a range of results summaries.


  • Thinking Skills
  • Innovativeness
  • Teaming Skills
  • Organizing & Prioritizing
  • Drive for Results
  • Coping with Pressure
  • Conscientious

      Wizard Tool

  • A tool of Critical Reasoning…..tests Mental Dexterity and Decision making Skills (Time taken to do 45 minutes. self administered)

    Cattell’s 16 PF : Personality Tool
  • Assesses personality traits mentioned alongside skills through a Situation Response format.

    The Deliverables are : -
  • A comprehensive trait-based predisposition of the individual.
  • Prediction of the “fit” in terms of three critical variables: -
  • #1 – Ability to conceptualize and force an Agenda.
  • #2 – Influencing and Impacting teams to sustain motivated performance.
  • #3 – Anchors on business and personal ethics.
  • A quantitative profile that “benches” the individual with others in the industry (relative levels taken from our data bank).
  • Our professional fees for the above activity would be in addition.